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Asking for a Promotion

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LISA: "Hey James, Im thinking about asking the boss for a promotion."
JAMES: "Lisa, you definitely deserve a promotion. You are too qualified for this job."
LISA: "Really? You think so?"
JAMES: "You have a lot of experience and youre very good with people. You should be a manager."
LISA: "Thats the position I was going to ask for, but I was worried."
JAMES: "What are you worried about?"
LISA: "I dont have a college degree. You have to have a college degree for that position."
JAMES: "But you have lots of experience. You have more experience than some of the current managers."
LISA: "I know, but degrees are important too."
JAMES: "I know they are. Did you ever think about going back to school and getting your degree?"
LISA: "I have, but I am so busy these days. I dont have time to work and study."
JAMES: "I understand. When Im not at work, Im spending time with my family. Life is so busy these days for many people."
LISA: "Thats true. Im not married yet, but I take care of my elderly parents."
JAMES: "Thats a lot of work too."
LISA: "Yeah. Well, thanks for your support. Ill let you know what happens."