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Asking for a Raise

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Karen: "Hey Ted, why do you look so nervous?"
Ted: "Im going to ask the boss for a raise."
Karen: "You should. You deserve a raise. You work very hard."
Ted: "I do work hard. Im here early every day and I leave late every night."
Karen: "Yeah, you do. You also help other people when they need help. Youve helped me many times."
Ted: "Also, Ive been here for 10 years. My last raise was three years ago."
Karen: "Three years? Then I think its definitely time for a raise."
Ted: "Do you think she will say yes?"
Karen: "I think she will. She is nice. She listens well and she is also very fair."
Ted: "I wrote a short report about why I deserve a raise."
Karen: "Only you would do that. You are so detail-oriented."
Ted: "I like to be prepared about everything."
Karen: "Thats another reason why you should get a raise."
Ted: "Ok. Im ready to talk to her?"
Karen: "You cant talk to her today."
Ted: "Why not?"
Karen: "Shes on a business trip."