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Asking for a Vacation

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Chris: "I need a vacation."
Karen: "Whats wrong?"
Chris: "This job is so stressful, Karen!"
Karen: "I think you should ask the boss for some time off?"
Chris: "I cant right now. I have a big presentation on Friday."
Karen: "Take a break next week after the presentation."
Chris: "I have another project after this one."
Karen: "You need to make a change. Youre going to get sick."
Chris: "I know. But I have a lot of responsibilities."
Karen: "I know you do. But you also have to take care of yourself too."
Chris: "Youre right. I need to talk to the boss and tell him that I need a vacation. Do you think he will understand?"
Karen: "I think so. He had a heart attack a few years ago. He understands that health is very important."
Chris: "Ok. I will talk to him today. Thanks for your advice."
Karen: "Youre welcome. Where do you plan to go on vacation?"
Chris: "A nice, warm beach."
Karen: "That sounds great!"