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Dan: "Hey Jason. Is that a new car?"
Jason: "Hey Dan. No, this is a rental car?"
Dan: "Where is your car?"
Jason: "At the auto shop. I was in an accident yesterday. The car is getting repaired."
Dan: "Are you ok?"
Jason: "Yeah. Luckily, it wasnt a serious accident. There were just some minor damages to the fender and bumper."
Dan: "Thats good. When do you get your car back?"
Jason: "Its supposed to be ready this afternoon."
Dan: "Thats quick."
Jason: "Yeah, my auto shop is pretty fast. They have a lot of mechanics."
Dan: "Do they do a good job? Are they reasonably priced?"
Jason: "Oh yes. They do a great job. I havent had any problems yet. Theyre a little more expensive than other places, but their work and service is excellent."
Dan: "I may have to get their name and number. My car needs some regular maintenance work."
Jason: "They have a website. Sometimes, they offer discounts on certain services."
Dan: "Really? Thats good to know."
Jason: "Yeah. Ill e-mail you the website link."
Dan: "Thanks. Ill check it out tonight."