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Bad Hotel Experience

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Tom: "How was the hotel?"
Jason: "It was awful. We had to switch rooms a couple of times."
Tom: "Why?"
Jason: "Well, we found bugs in the carpet in one room. We had already unpacked. So, we had to re-pack everything and ask for another room."
Tom: "What was wrong with the second room?"
Jason: "We paid for a garden room and it was a view of the parking lot."
Tom: "Thats terrible. Did you finally get a good room?"
Jason: "They were out of garden view rooms, so they upgraded us to an ocean view room."
Tom: "Thats nice! So, why was it so awful?"
Jason: "Our next door neighbor snored so loudly. He kept us awake every night."
Tom: "Did you ask for another room?"
Jason: "Yes, but they said that there were no more rooms available."
Tom: "Im sorry you had a terrible time."
Jason: "Thats ok. The manager was really nice about it. He offered us a free stay next time."
Tom: "Are you going to go back there?"
Jason: "Of course. Itll be free."