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Bad Injury

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Joan: "Hey Carol, have you seen Tom lately?"
Carol: "Didnt you hear the news?"
Joan: "No. What happened?"
Carol: "He got into a car accident last week."
Joan: "Is he ok?"
Carol: "No. Hes in the hospital. He broke both of his legs and ribs. He also has a head injury."
Joan: "Thats terrible. I had the flu, so I havent seen or talked to anyone lately. Hows Judy?"
Carol: "Judy has come home a couple of times to get a change of clothes."
Joan: "She must be devastated."
Carol: "She is a very worried wife."
Joan: "Have you seen him?"
Carol: "Bob and I visited him in the hospital a couple of days ago. He is on so much medication."
Joan: "Wow! Thats serious."
Carol: "Yeah."
Joan: "Does Judy know how long hes going to be in the hospital?"
Carol: "The doctors told her he may be there for several months."
Joan: "Oh my goodness. What is she going to do?"
Carol: "Their children are helping her right now. Theyre taking turns staying at the hospital."
Joan: "Thats good. I better visit him soon. Thanks for the information."