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Bad Traffic

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Kevin: "The traffic is really getting bad these days."
James: "I agree. I sat in traffic for two hours last night."
Kevin: "Ive started to leave work late just to beat rush hour traffic."
James: "I wish I could do that. I have to pick up my son before the daycare closes."
Kevin: "Oh, I see. What time does the daycare close?"
James: "6 oclock."
Kevin: "What time do you usually get there?"
James: "Just a few minutes before they close."
Kevin: "What happens if youre late?"
James: "They will wait with the child, of course. But you have to pay extra."
Kevin: "Have you ever been late?"
James: "Yeah, a few times. I was late yesterday. I dont want to pay extra. Daycare is already expensive."
Kevin: "Yeah, Im sure it is. Do you have other people who can help you?"
James: "No, I just listen to the traffic report and leave earlier if the roads sound bad."
Kevin: "Is your boss understanding?"
James: "Yeah, shes very understanding. She has children too."