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Big Project

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Peter: "Hey Tom. Are you working late again?"
Tom: "Yeah, Peter. I have a big project Im working on."
Peter: "Hows it going?"
Tom: "Not well. We keep running into problems with the client."
Peter: "What kind of problems."
Tom: "The client either doesnt like our designs or keeps changing his mind. Its very frustrating."
Peter: "That can be very annoying."
Tom: "It is. So, my group has to start over each time. Its such a waste of time and money."
Peter: "When is the deadline?"
Tom: "In two weeks. I dont know how were going to make it."
Peter: "Wheres the rest of your group?"
Tom: "They went to eat. I told them to go. Theyre going to bring me back some dinner."
Peter: "Thats good. What are you going to do after your deadline is over?"
Tom: "Go on a long vacation."
Peter: "Good for you!"
Tom: "Well, I better get back to work. See you in the morning."