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Broken Arm

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Alice: "Hi Teresa. Is David home from school?"
Teresa: "Yeah, we just got back from the hospital."
Alice: "What happened?"
Teresa: "David fell at school and broke his arm."
Alice: "Are you serious? Thats terrible!"
Teresa: "Yeah, the school called an ambulance and they took him to the hospital."
Alice: "Wow! Is he in a lot of pain?"
Teresa: "Just a little. The doctor gave him some pain medication."
Alice: "Thats good."
Teresa: "Hes so upset though."
Alice: "Because of the pain?"
Teresa: "No. His soccer team is playing the championship game this weekend and hes the goalie."
Alice: "That must really hurt more than the arm."
Teresa: "I think it does. Hes been practicing so much for this game."
Alice: "Is he going to go to the game?"
Teresa: "Of course. He has to go and cheer his team on."
Alice: "Hopefully, his team will win!"
Teresa: "I hope so. They were undefeated all season."