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Buying First Car

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Mark: "I am so excited today!"
Dan: "Whats going on today?"
Mark: "Im buying my first car."
Dan: "That is exciting!"
Mark: "Ive been saving money for the last couple of years and now I have enough to put a down payment on a car."
Dan: "Are you going to buy a new or used car?"
Mark: "A new one."
Dan: "Do you know which one you want?"
Mark: "Yeah, I have a picture of it on my phone."
Dan: "Thats nice!"
Mark: "But I want it in blue. Blue is my favorite color."
Dan: "Make sure you negotiate a good deal."
Mark: "I know. Thats my problem. Im not good at negotiating."
Dan: "Im great at it. Do you want me to go with you to the dealership?"
Mark: "That would be awesome!"
Dan: "Ok. Ill drive since you will be driving your car home today."
Mark: "Lets go!"