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Company Downsizing Rumors

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JASON: "Hey Joe, did you hear the rumors?"
JOE: "No, Jason. What rumors?"
JASON: "The company is laying people off?"
JOE: "When?"
JASON: "Im not sure. I heard this from Susan in Accounting."
JOE: "Why are they laying people off?"
JASON: "The company is not making a profit."
JOE: "Are you worried?"
JASON: "Yeah. Im very worried. I just bought a house."
JOE: "Im really worried too. My wife and I just had a baby. Also, I havent been at this company for very long. I would be the first one to get laid off."
JASON: "This is terrible. What should we do?"
JOE: "Maybe we should start looking for other jobs."
JASON: "But what if its all a rumor and not true."
JOE: "Well, if you heard it from Susan, it must be true."
JASON: "Why?"
JOE: "Her mom is our boss."