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Coworker Moving Away

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Karen: "Hello?"
Jane: "Hi Karen. This is Janet. Did you hear that Joanne is moving to England?"
Karen: "Yeah, what a great opportunity for her."
Jane: "Im thinking about throwing her a going-away party. What do you think?"
Karen: "I think thats wonderful idea. She is such a good co-worker."
Jane: "Would you like to help me plan it?"
Karen: "Sure. Lets make it a potluck, so everyone can bring a dish to share."
Jane: "Thats a great idea. Less stress if I dont have to cook."
Karen: "Right! How many people do you want to invite?"
Jane: "How about all of the people she works with. How many is that?"
Karen: "I think there are about 30 people in our department, including us."
Jane: "Should we keep it a secret or let her know?"
Karen: "She doesnt like people making a big fuss over her, so lets keep it a secret."
Jane: "When should we have the party?"
Karen: "When is she moving?"
Jane: "Next month, I think."
Karen: "Then we should do it soon. Shell be busy packing and getting ready for the move."
Jane: "How about next Friday? Its her last day at work too."
Karen: "Perfect!"
Jane: "Ill send out an email to everyone tonight. Thanks for your help."