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Dance Classes

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Carol: "Hi Jane. Did you buy some new shoes?"
Jane: "Hi Carol. Yeah, Im taking dancing classes and I need new dancing shoes."
Carol: "Where are the classes?"
Jane: "At the local community center."
Carol: "How do you like it?"
Jane: "Im really enjoying it."
Carol: "What kind of dance are you learning?"
Jane: "Were learning a few different types of dance. So far, we have learned ballet, modern, and tap."
Carol: "Which one is your favorite?"
Jane: "I like tap dance. Ballet was pretty hard."
Carol: "Sounds like a lot of fun."
Jane: "It is. Do you want to join? Our class is not full."
Carol: "Im too old to take dance lessons."
Jane: "No, you are not. You should come to one of our classes. The first visit is free."
Carol: "Really? Free? When are your lessons?"
Jane: "Every Monday evening at 7 pm."
Carol: "OK. Ill go next Monday. But dont laugh at me. Im a terrible dancer."
Jane: "Me too. Thats why Im taking lessons."