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Lee: "Honey, are you ok?"
Anna: "Yes, are you ok?"
Lee: "Yeah. Ive never felt an earthquake before?"
Anna: "Me too. That was scary. Weve experience hurricanes, but never an earthquake."
Lee: "Im going to look around and see how bad the damage is."
Anna: "Be careful. There could be aftershocks."
Lee: "I know. Dont go outside. The power is down. There could be power lines on the ground."
Anna: "Ok. Where are the dogs?"
Lee: "I found them. Theyre both under the bed."
Anna: "They must be scared."
Lee: "I wish we could watch the news. I want to know how much damage this earthquake caused."
Anna: "Let me find the radio. We can listen to the news."
Lee: "I think its in the garage."
Anna: "Do we have any batteries for it?"
Lee: "Yeah. Let me get them."
Anna: "I knew the big one was coming one day, but we werent prepared."
Lee: "Yeah, that was a big mistake."
Anna: "We better pack an emergency kit for next time."