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Gas prices

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Dan: "Hey Ben, have you seen the price of gas lately?"
Ben: "Yeah Mike. Its really high. Thats why Ive been riding the bus to work."
Dan: "I wish I could ride the bus, but I would have to take three buses to get to work."
Ben: "Three?"
Dan: "Yeah. It would take me twice as long to get to work."
Ben: "Thats not good. I only have to take one bus and it takes me directly from my home to my office building."
Dan: "Youre lucky!"
Ben: "I know. What about riding your bike to work?"
Dan: "No, Im not very good at cycling and its too far."
Ben: "You can carpool with someone."
Dan: "Thats a good idea. Then we could share the cost of gas and ride in the carpool lane."
Ben: "Do you work with anyone who lives near you?"
Dan: "Yeah, my boss."
Ben: "Would you want to ride with your boss?"
Dan: "No, not really. I think Id rather pay more for gas."