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Going to the Beach

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Abby: "Carl. Are you going to watch television all day?"
Carl: "No. Is there something you want to do?"
Abby: "Its a beautiful day. The sun is shining. We should do something outdoors."
Carl: "Ok. What should we do?"
Abby: "Lets go to the beach."
Carl: "OK. Ill grab the beach chairs and towels."
Abby: "Great! Ill pack some snacks and drinks. Dont forget the sunscreen."
Carl: "Where is it?"
Abby: "Its in the bathroom cabinet."
Carl: "Is there anything else we need to bring?"
Abby: "Ill bring the camera. I want to take pictures of the sunset."
Carl: "Good idea! The sunset is beautiful at the beach."
Abby: "Do you remember the last time we went to the beach?"
Carl: "No. Its been a long time. Why dont we go more often?"
Abby: "Because youre always watching TV."
Carl: "Ok. Lets go to the beach when the weather is nice and watch TV when it rains."
Abby: "Thats a deal!"