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Barbara: "Hi Alice. How did you like the hotel?"
Alice: "It was lovely, Barbara. The rooms were spacious and clean."
Barbara: "Did you get a good deal on it?"
Alice: "Yeah. They had an online special. If you reserved a room three weeks early, you got 20% off the regular room rate."
Barbara: "Thats a good deal."
Alice: "The swimming pool and spa were really nice too. The swimming pool was warm. There was also a sauna."
Barbara: "Oh, thats very nice. Joe loves saunas. I need to tell him about this place."
Alice: "The parking is free and so is the Wi-Fi."
Barbara: "Thats good to know."
Alice: "Theres a shuttle bus that takes you to the downtown area where all of the shops and restaurants are. It was very convenient."
Barbara: "Anything else?"
Alice: "The concierge was very helpful and the front desk clerks were very nice."
Barbara: "Sounds like it was a wonderful place to stay."
Alice: "It was. I would recommend this place to everyone."
Barbara: "Is there a restaurant in the hotel?"
Alice: "Yes. They have great food. Its a little expensive, but very delicious. They have a fantastic breakfast buffet every morning too."
Barbara: "Wow! Im definitely going to make a reservation here."
Alice: "I cant wait to go back."