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Heavy Rain and Flooding

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Dan: "Joe, where are you going in such a hurry?"
Joe: "Didnt you hear? The weather report is predicting heavy rain and severe flooding in our area."
Dan: "No, I didnt hear that. I havent watched the news in a few days."
Joe: "Im heading to the store to buy sandbags."
Dan: "Sandbags? Why?"
Joe: "To stop the water from entering my house. You should do the same thing."
Dan: "I think Ill just evacuate if that happens."
Joe: "I cant do that. I need to stay here with all of my animals."
Dan: "You dont have any place to take them?"
Joe: "No. I need to make sure they are safe."
Dan: "Do you need help loading the sandbags into your truck?"
Joe: "That would be great. Arent you worried at all?"
Dan: "I guess I should be. But every time the weather person says something terrible is going to happen, it never does."
Joe: "Well, Im not risking it this time."
Dan: "Now you have me worried."
Joe: "You should be."