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Hiking Injury

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Kevin: "Hey Joe. What happened to your ankle?"
Joe: "Hey Kevin. I broke it while hiking last weekend."
Kevin: "Thats terrible. How?"
Joe: "We were hiking down a steep trail. I lost my balance and fell."
Kevin: "Ouch!"
Joe: "Yeah, it hurt badly."
Kevin: "How did you get back to your car?"
Joe: "It was a long, painful walk."
Kevin: "Were you alone?"
Joe: "No, I was with my wife. But Im too heavy for her to carry me."
Kevin: "Why didnt you call someone?"
Joe: "There was no cell phone coverage in that area."
Kevin: "How long do you have to wear your cast?"
Joe: "Six weeks."
Kevin: "Six weeks? Are you going to miss the marathon next month?"
Joe: "Yeah! Looks like I am. Im so disappointed. Ive been training for that for a year. Why dont you go in my place?"
Kevin: "No, thanks. Do you know what I hate more than hiking?"
Joe: "What?"
Kevin: "Marathons!"