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Hoping for a Better Year

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Joe: "Happy New Year, Tom."
Tom: "Oh, Happy New Year, Joe."
Joe: "Can you believe another year has passed?"
Tom: "Im glad it finally ended. Im looking forward to a new year."
Joe: "You had some bad luck last year, didnt you?"
Tom: "Yes! I lost my job, my car broke down, and then my cat almost died."
Joe: "I cant believe all of that happened in one year."
Tom: "Thats why Im hoping the New Year will be much better."
Joe: "Im sure it will be."
Tom: "Yeah. I have a job interview next week. My parents loaned me money to buy a new car. My cat is on medication. The vet thinks he will make a full recovery."
Joe: "Thats great! Looks like good luck is coming your way."
Tom: "I hope so. What are you looking forward to in the new year?"
Joe: "Well, Jill and I are expecting our first child."
Tom: "Congratulations! Thats great news! The new year is going to be a wonderful one for you and Jill."
Joe: "Thanks, Tom."
Tom: "Hey lets start off the new year with a drink. Do you want to go grab a beer tonight?"
Joe: "Sure! We can toast to a Happy New Year."