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Interview for a Job

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SALLY: "Why are you so dressed up, Jane?"
JANE: "Oh, hi Sally. I have a job interview today."
SALLY: "Thats great. Where?"
JANE: "At the bank. Im applying for a teller position."
SALLY: "But why do you look so nervous?"
JANE: "Because I dont have much work experience, but Im a hard worker and good with numbers."
SALLY: "Tell them that."
JANE: "Im going to. I just hope I dont mess up."
SALLY: "Dont worry so much. Youre smart and you get along well with everyone."
JANE: "Thanks. Im just afraid that I wont be able to answer their questions."
SALLY: "Just answer them the best you can. Be confident."
JANE: "Ok. I just need to relax."
SALLY: "What time is your interview?"
JANE: "In an hour. I better leave soon. I dont want to be late."
SALLY: "Yeah, dont be late. That would be a bad first impression."
JANE: "Youre right. Thanks for your advice and encouragement. I feel much better."
SALLY: "Good. Now go!"