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Lost Reservation

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Susan: "Mary, I am so angry!"
Mary: "What happened, Susan?"
Susan: "Our hotel lost our reservations?"
Mary: "How did that happen?"
Susan: "I dont know. They didnt have a reasonable explanation."
Mary: "Well, cant you just make another reservation?"
Susan: "No. They said there are no more rooms available."
Mary: "Oh no! Thats terrible."
Susan: "We are attending my nieces wedding this weekend and everyone is staying at that hotel."
Mary: "What about another hotel in that area."
Susan: "Theres going to be a big doctors conference this weekend. There are no rooms available at any of the nearby hotels."
Mary: "Did the hotel apologize?"
Susan: "Yes and they offered us a discount on our next visit."
Mary: "Did you accept it?"
Susan: "No. I was so mad. I told them that I would never stay at a place that lost our original reservations."
Mary: "What did they say?"
Susan: "They just kept apologizing."
Mary: "What are you going to do?"
Susan: "I dont know. My niece is very upset. Our daughter is the photographer."