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Lunch Decisions

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Kathy: "Hey Bill, are you hungry?"
Billy: "Oh, hi Kathy. Yeah. Lets have lunch."
Kathy: "What do you want to eat?"
Billy: "How about pizza?"
Kathy: "We always have pizza. Lets try something different."
Billy: "Ok. Do you have any suggestions?"
Kathy: "How about sushi?"
Billy: "I dont like raw fish."
Kathy: "All sushi isnt raw."
Billy: "I know. I just dont feel like having sushi today."
Kathy: "Ok. Then what should we eat?"
Billy: "Maybe we should just order take-out. You get sushi and Ill get pizza."
Kathy: "Thats a good idea. But I think I want Chinese food instead."
Billy: "Chinese food sounds yummy."
Kathy: "Hey, we agree on something. Lets go out to a Chinese restaurant."
Billy: "Id rather eat at home."
Kathy: "We never agree on anything."