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Billy: "Hey Joe. Have you seen Sandy?"
Joe: "No, Bill. Why?"
Billy: "We had a misunderstanding and she is not talking to me."
Joe: "Oh. Im sorry to hear that."
Billy: "Yeah. I said something silly and hurt her feelings."
Joe: "What did you say?"
Billy: "Its not important. I dont want to discuss it. I just want to apologize to her."
Joe: "She always hangs out at Lindas house or the library."
Billy: "Ive already checked both places."
Joe: "How about her house."
Billy: "Her roommate said she wasnt home."
Joe: "Have you called her cell phone."
Billy: "Yeah, several times."
Joe: "She must really be mad at you."
Billy: "She was! She stormed off and I didnt get to explain what I meant."
Joe: "Im really curious now. What did you say to her?"
Billy: "I told her to exercise."
Joe: "Well, that probably wasnt a smart thing to say to a woman."
Billy: "I meant that she should exercise to stay healthy."
Joe: "That sounds better. Hope you find her."