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Ted: "Lets have another backyard barbeque this weekend."
Karen: "Ok. That sounds fun. Should we invite some friends?"
Ted: "Yeah, lets invite a few couples."
Karen: "OK. But we should buy some mosquito repellent this time."
Ted: "Thats a good idea!"
Karen: "Do you remember what happened last time?"
Ted: "Yeah. Everyone was bitten by mosquitoes."
Karen: "It was awful. We were itchy for days."
Ted: "We used so much anti-itch cream."
Karen: "I think there are special candles that keep mosquitoes away. I saw a commercial for it a couple of days ago."
Ted: "Lets get those."
Karen: "Ok, Ill put it on the shopping list for the barbeque."
Ted: "Do you think our friends will come back to our party?"
Karen: "Well have to tell them we have mosquito repellent this time."
Ted: "Mosquitoes are such pests. And, they carry diseases too."
Karen: "I know. Now I feel like having an indoor party."
Ted: "Dont let the mosquitoes win."