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One Year Anniversary

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Stacy: "Hi Sylvia. Mark and I are celebrating our one-year anniversary today."
Sylvia: "Congratulations! What are you going to do?"
Stacy: "I dont know. Mark says he has a special surprise."
Sylvia: "What do you think it is?"
Stacy: "I have no idea. Maybe dinner at a nice restaurant."
Sylvia: "That would be lovely."
Stacy: "Yeah, weve both been so busy at work. Our first year of marriage went by very fast."
Sylvia: "Yes, marriage can go by quickly."
Stacy: "How long have you been married?"
Sylvia: "25 years."
Stacy: "Wow! Thats a long time."
Sylvia: "Yeah, it is. Weve had our good and bad times, but were happy."
Stacy: "Thats great! I hope Mark and I will celebrate a 25-year anniversary one day."
Sylvia: "Im sure you will."
Stacy: "I just got a text from Mark. He said to put on a nice dress and dancing shoes."
Sylvia: "Looks like youre going dancing."
Stacy: "Thats a huge surprise."
Sylvia: "Why?"
Stacy: "Because I love dancing, but Mark hates dancing!"