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Billy: "What are you doing, Carl?"
Carl: "Im spraying my house with pesticide."
Billy: "Why?"
Carl: "We have an ant problem. Theyre everywhere."
Billy: "How did that happen?"
Carl: "I think we left some food around outside and it attracted ants. Now theyre coming into the house."
Billy: "Thats terrible."
Carl: "This morning, I found some on the kitchen counter."
Billy: "That pesticide is toxic. You should be careful."
Carl: "I know. Thats why Im wearing a mask. I need to take care of this problem as soon as possible."
Billy: "I understand. My parents had an ant problem a couple of years ago. They used that stuff too."
Carl: "Did it work?"
Billy: "Yeah, but it smelled bad for a few days. They were getting headaches. They came to stay with me."
Carl: "Oh, thats good to know. Maybe we will go stay at a hotel for a few days."
Billy: "You can stay with us if you want."
Carl: "No, thats ok. Carol is so upset because of the ants. Ill take her on a short trip."
Billy: "Good idea!"