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Planning a Boat Trip

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Sarah: "Hi Jane. Isnt it a beautiful day?"
Jane: "Hi Sarah. Yeah, its sunny and clear. I think were going to take our boat out."
Sarah: "Its a great day for it."
Jane: "Would you and Paul like to join us?"
Sarah: "I would love to. I need to ask Paul. Hes at the store. He should be home in a few minutes."
Jane: "Great! We can pack a lunch and eat on the boat."
Sarah: "Sounds like fun. Ive never been on a boat before."
Jane: "You havent? Do you get seasick?"
Sarah: "Ive never been on a boat so I wouldnt know."
Jane: "Do you get airsick? Do you have any kind of motion sickness?"
Sarah: "I dont think so. I dont get sick on planes or trains or long car rides."
Jane: "Thats good. Then youll probably be ok on the boat."
Sarah: "Are you really worried about me being seasick?"
Jane: "Yes and there is a reason why."
Sarah: "What is it?"
Jane: "Tom and I took my friend out on our boat once and she got very sick. I felt terrible for her."
Sarah: "Oh, I see. I should be ok."
Jane: "What about Paul?"
Sarah: "He used to be a fisherman. He is definitely not going to be seasick."