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Speak with Karen
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Anna: "Hello?"
Karen: "Hi Joan. This is Karen. Are you free for lunch today?"
Anna: "Hi Karen. No, Im having lunch with my mom. Its her birthday today."
Karen: "What about tomorrow?"
Anna: "Im free tomorrow. Where should we go?"
Karen: "Theres a new Chinese restaurant downtown."
Anna: "I love Chinese food! Lets check it out."
Karen: "Do you think we should make reservations."
Anna: "Yeah, that might be a good idea."
Karen: "Should we invite anyone else?"
Anna: "Sure. How about Cathy and Lisa?"
Karen: "Lisa is out of town. Lets invite Cathy and Sharon."
Anna: "Ok. What time should we meet tomorrow?"
Karen: "Noon?"
Anna: "Noon is perfect."
Karen: "Good. Ill call Cathy and Sharon right now."
Anna: "Hopefully, then can meet at noon too."
Karen: "If they cant, Ill let you know."