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Martin: "Hey Jason, do you play any instruments?"
Jason: "Yeah, I play two instruments. I play the piano and violin?"
Martin: "I wish I knew how to play an instrument."
Jason: "You dont know how to play any instruments?"
Martin: "No. My mom gave me piano lessons when I was a child, but I hated it. So, I quit."
Jason: "I took piano and violin lessons when I was a child."
Martin: "How long did you take lessons?"
Jason: "10 years."
Martin: "Wow! You must be really good."
Jason: "My mom wanted me to go to a music college, but I wanted to be a doctor."
Martin: "Really?"
Jason: "Yeah. My mom was a famous violinist in China. My dad was a famous pianist in China."
Martin: "You come from a very talented family."
Jason: "Thanks. What instrument do you want to learn?"
Martin: "Guitar."
Jason: "Oh, I dont know how to play the guitar."
Martin: "We can take lessons together."
Jason: "I wish I could, but I dont have time."