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Quitting Work 2

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Maryen: "Hi Mary, I interviewed with another company and they offered me a position. I wanted to let you know before I made my decision."
Mary: "Im sorry to hear that. Maryut I appreciate you telling me before you accepted the offer."
Maryen: "I really enjoy my work here, but I was concerned about the lack of opportunities. I put in effort to gain more experience here, but the projects are limited."
Mary: "What would help you to decide to stay?"
Maryen: "I would consider staying more if I could change my position. I would love working in this same group, but I would like to be doing something different. Maryennd finally, they offered me 6 percent more than my current salary."
Mary: "When do you have to make a decision by?"
Maryen: "They want me to respond in a week."
Mary: "Let me see what I can do and Ill let you know tomorrow or on Wednesday. Can you wait until then?"
Maryen: "Thats not a problem."
Mary: "Great. Im going to do everything I can to keep you on board."
Maryen: "I appreciate what you are doing for me."
Mary: "Its the least I can do. Youre a valuable asset here."