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Linda: "Hello?"
Stacy: "Hi Linda. This is Stacy. Are you free tomorrow night?"
Linda: "No, Im not. Why?"
Stacy: "Im inviting a couple of friends to sleep over."
Linda: "I wish I could go, but I have to babysit my younger sister."
Stacy: "Thats too bad. We were going to rent a movie and order pizza."
Linda: "Now I really wish I could go. That sounds like so much fun."
Stacy: "Can your parents find another babysitter?"
Linda: "No. Our regular babysitter got sick, so they asked me."
Stacy: "I see. What time will your parents be back?"
Linda: "9 oclock pm."
Stacy: "Do you want to come over after you finish babysitting?"
Linda: "Will you still be awake?"
Stacy: "Of course! Its a sleepover party. Were all going to sleep late."
Linda: "Ok! Please save me some pizza."
Stacy: "I will. See you tomorrow night."