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Surprise Retirement Party

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KATHY: "Hello?"
MOM: "Hi Kathy. This is Mom. Are you and Phil free on Friday night?"
KATHY: "Were having dinner with friends. Why? Whats going on?"
MOM: "Your dads co-workers are throwing him a surprise retirement party."
KATHY: "Really? Thats so nice of them."
MOM: "I know. I was hoping you and Phil could attend."
KATHY: "Of course we will. Ill reschedule the dinner party."
MOM: "That would be wonderful. But remember its a surprise. So, dont tell him."
KATHY: "I wont. Is Dad sad about retiring?"
MOM: "No. He is actually looking forward to it. He has worked a long time."
KATHY: "Yeah. I remember all of those long hours he worked."
MOM: "He was a great employee. Theyre going to miss him at the office."
KATHY: "What are you and Dad going to do now?"
MOM: "I think were going to take a trip to Hawaii."
KATHY: "Thats good! Its a great place to relax."
MOM: "It sure is. We even talked about retiring there."
KATHY: "Really? That would be awesome!"
MOM: "You and your family could vacation in Hawaii. Youll have a free place to stay."
KATHY: "Mom, that sounds awesome. But Ill miss you both."
MOM: "Yeah, thats the only bad thing."