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Taking Care of Plants

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Alice: "You take such good care of your plants, Joan."
Joan: "I try my best. I love plants."
Alice: "I have killed every plant I have ever owned."
Joan: "How, Alice?"
Alice: "I dont know. I water them and make sure they get enough sun, but they still die."
Joan: "Thats strange."
Alice: "I know. I dont buy plants anymore."
Joan: "Thats sad. Plants are beautiful and they provide oxygen too."
Alice: "Can you teach me how to care for plants?"
Joan: "Sure. Im going on vacation tomorrow. Ill be gone for a couple of weeks. We can start after I get back."
Alice: "Ok! Can we shop for the plants together?"
Joan: "Yes. Lets get a couple of plants that require low maintenance."
Alice: "What do you mean by low maintenance?"
Joan: "Plants that dont need much attention."
Alice: "That will be perfect for me."
Joan: "Ill make a list of good plants to start with."
Alice: "What are you going to do about all of your plants while youre on vacation?"
Joan: "Well, I was going to ask you to water them for me, but I think Ill ask my sister instead."
Alice: "Yeah, thats a good idea."