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Trip Graduation Gift

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Kathy: "Hi Carol. What are you doing at a travel agency? Are you planning a trip?"
Carol: "Oh Hi Cathy. My son is graduating college and Joe and I thought a trip would be a good graduation gift."
Kathy: "Thats a great graduation gift! Hes a lucky boy."
Carol: "Hes a good son, so Bob and I wanted to give him something special."
Kathy: "Where are you sending him?"
Carol: "China. He studied the Chinese language in college and really enjoyed learning about the culture."
Kathy: "Does he know anyone there?"
Carol: "My brother moved there last year for work. He is going to show him around."
Kathy: "Thats nice. It will be more fun if he knows someone there."
Carol: "Yeah. And it will be safer too."
Kathy: "Does he know about this trip?"
Carol: "No, its going to be a surprise. So, if you see him, please dont mention anything."
Kathy: "I promise I wont."
Carol: "Cathy, what are you doing here?"
Kathy: "Im planning a trip to Hawaii. Bill and I go every summer."
Carol: "Now thats being really lucky!"