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Nicole: "Do you want to try a new restaurant tonight?"
Veronica: "Sure. Im kind of getting sick of the same place."
Nicole: "Me too. What kind of food do you want to eat?"
Veronica: "Do you want to try Indian?"
Nicole: "Ok. Ive never had Indian food before, so youll have to choose the place."
Veronica: "Ive never had it before either."
Nicole: "Then why do you want to go there?"
Veronica: "To try something different."
Nicole: "Lets check out the reviews online."
Veronica: "Thats a good idea."
Nicole: "There are many restaurants we havent tried."
Veronica: "Should we try a new one each week?"
Nicole: "Yeah. That will be fun."
Veronica: "Ok, so well have Indian tonight."
Nicole: "What about next week?"
Veronica: "Lets decide that next week. One place at a time."
Nicole: "Im hungry."
Veronica: "Me too. Lets find a restaurant soon."