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Unhappy Family Reunion

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Jane: "Hello?"
Susan: "Hi Jane. This is Susan."
Jane: "Hi Susan. How are you?"
Susan: "Did you receive an invitation to the family reunion?"
Jane: "Yeah."
Susan: "Are you going to go?"
Jane: "I dont think so."
Susan: "Why?"
Jane: "Remember our cousin Bill and I had a disagreement at the last reunion?"
Susan: "Yes. But it was all a misunderstanding."
Jane: "I know, but I still feel uncomfortable about it."
Susan: "I would really like to see you there. I havent seen you in a while."
Jane: "I know. I feel the same way."
Susan: "If you dont go to the reunion, maybe I can visit you."
Jane: "That sounds like a great idea. Have you ever been to New York?"
Susan: "No. I would love to visit you and check out the city."
Jane: "Lets plan to do that."
Susan: "I still want you to come to the reunion."
Jane: "Ill think about it."
Susan: "Ok. I hope to see you there."