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Tim: "Hey Charlie. Why are you in such a hurry?"
Charlie: "Hi Tim. Im going to the school library."
Tim: "I was just at the library. I had to check out some books. It was really crowded today."
Charlie: "My computer isnt working and I need to finish a report."
Tim: "Good luck finding a spot. All the computers were taken when I was there."
Charlie: "Oh no! My report is due tomorrow."
Tim: "Do you want to use my computer?"
Charlie: "Are you done with your report?"
Tim: "Yeah. I stayed up all night to finish it."
Charlie: "I shouldve worked on it last night too."
Tim: "Were you busy?"
Charlie: "No. I fell asleep. I was so tired."
Tim: "Im heading home right now. Do you want to go with me?"
Charlie: "That would be great! Can I buy you coffee?"
Tim: "Sure. After you finish your report."
Charlie: "Good idea!"